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When we are getting bored, Satta king games are the best thing to pass the time. When we were children, we used to play games such as Ludo, hopscotch, etc. But now, with the trend of the internet, everything is available online. Games are also available online to generate money and increase our thinking ability to achieve something in our life.

Many online games are not generating money, but many of them are Sattaking. Do you know which games are the best to earn extra money, while playing Sattaking and having fun with games? In this post, you will know all the digital games where many players generate money every day. Let’s dig into these online games.

We all are using phones and the internet, so why not use them for earning money with the game. You can also try out some popular online games that we used to play in our childhood. These online games are not just timepass, you can use them to earn some real money.

List of online real money games


It is an online sports platform where you can choose your fantasy sport like football, cricket, and so on to play and score the numbers. It allows fans to make a team and play against the other team using a minimum of Rs. 100. If you win the title of the game, you will get double it, and if you lose, you lose the amount of 100.

You can choose the players- forwards, defenders, mid-fielders, and a goalkeeper to play safely. It also allows choosing the captain and vicing captain of the team. The most proper way you choose your team, it decides to increase your overall score.

If you are a beginner, you have to understand all the terms and conditions of the team because it generates financial risk.


Ace2three already says it all “ace” a game of cards where 8 million players have already earned lots of money. It is offered by InfoTech India Pvt. Ltd. which has got 500, 00,000+ installs and a 3.8 rating on the Google play store. It allows rummy lovers to play rummy games online for free. In the beginning, you have to include some money to play the game and make it triple.

8 ball pool

It is offered by and achieved 500, 00, 00, 00+ installs with 4.2 ratings on the play store. Playing pool is the most unique time where you enjoy and learn so many things about the pool game. If you are a beginner, you should know the rules and conditions of this game.

Online 8-ball pool game allows players to play in multiplayer tournaments. They have to collect points and goal all the balls. If they do not perform well, they will lose the game and money as well. is India’s largest popular online real money game, which is offered by Baazi Network private limited. It has crossed 50000000+ installs with 3.1 ratings on the play store. It allows players to earn real money by playing tournaments and investing a minimum prize to play and win this game.

It is also a game of rummy where players play rummy by applying mathematical strategies to win the prize money. Here four people can compete with their rivals who are also players of the game. Before getting stuck into this, you should collect the entire information to play this game.

Quick win App

It is offered by digital track Pvt. Ltd. and recently achieved 1000+ installs with getting 4.2 ratings. The rating is high because of the structure and strategy of the game. It provides simple and easy quizzes including G.K., Food, current affairs, computer, sports, culture, and many more.  

It is a game of brain knowledge about everything, and it also increases your thinking ability. A quick win is a complete package of entertainment and provides lots of cash prizes.

Wrap it up

After knowing these Satta king online real money games, you will go and download them to play games and start earning money. But you should first read all the terms and conditions for playing online games. It is because you have to contribute your money, and then they will allow you to play the game and make it double your money. If you lose, you will lose your entire.

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