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We have read countless articles on how Satta Matka became the most popular lottery game in the world. However, nobody bats an eye about the struggle and backlash the game has faced over the years. We came up with some of the direst moments of the Satta King industry that shook the world heavily and changed everything for the Satta King stakeholders. Here, we jot down some of the most historic moments that led to major changes in the Satta Matka games.

The unbelievable draw of Satta Matka is there for everyone to see. All sorts of people are drawn to the game, either to play or for business. Everyone has their reasons but still, owing to some circumstances, many still think this game is illegal. But the word on the street is that the lottery draw is legal in all parts of India.

So, if you are still wondering whether it's safe to play this game or not, here are some of the most historic moments that shook the Satta King industry at its core, which eventually took it to where it is today.

It was in the mid-2000s when the controversy and politics entered the industry and changed the whole scenario of Satta King games and their players. These kingmakers had strong connections with politicians and bureaucrats alike and hence were able to influence various government decisions regarding Satta Matka games.

They helped the players in receiving political protection to carry on Satta King betting as well as the other illegal activities surrounding it. If you remember, as per the reports that were published around this time, around 150 people from Mumbai Police were arrested for being involved in illegal betting activities.

The Negative Influence of Satta King's Kingmakers

Satta Matka Game became the most popular game in India which spurred the evolution of online betting. Next, it was literally one of the rarest games that had made its way to smartphones. As the game gained popularity, it saw some major ups and downs. It literally had to struggle with many legal woes before it actually gained popularity among the people.

Satta King or simply called the lottery is one of the oldest games being played in the country since the time of our great civilizations. It was played by everyone from rich to poor, with most people looking to have an opportunity to win the jackpot. It was only natural for people to look for some services to help them in their game of Satta Matka. And so, Satta Kingmakers were born.

These kingmakers were the ones who made the industry popular in its initial phase before it was hit by various controversies. They have been deemed as the key figures in making Satta King games go viral all over the country after making numerous political allies with their financial power.

These kingmakers were in control of the betting system in whichever city they found themselves in, this meant that players in that city had to pay them a large sum to bet in their respective houses.

The first form of Kingmakers in Satta, at the beginning of Satta in 80s Mr. Pappu Gondkar who was a local Mumbai politician, was a kingmaker of Satta, he started his own Satta company in the 80s and soon became a big name in the Satta industry with his company becoming a leader in releases and winner, he owned his own newspaper and was influential in media as well.

Pappu Gondkar was a very powerful kingmaker of the Satta industry and he had an immense influence on politicians from all parties, the police force, and CBI. Pappu Gondkar's term as a kingmaker came to an end when he died in the early 90s.

The involvement of the Government In The Lottery Games

The politicians were only too happy to oblige since they had sizable stakes in the game and also received hefty donations from the kingmakers. The kingmakers also exerted their influence on other departments like the Excise Department which was supposed to crack down on illegal betting. They would blatantly warn the excise officers to avoid raiding the illegal betting dens or face dire consequences.

The kingmakers have a stranglehold on the Igando Highway in Apapa. They control everything that happens there. The past few months, they had concentrated on two major things: recruitment of underage children into prostitution and raking in money from illegal betting.

The kingmakers are past masters at making money from illegal gambling, especially online gambling. The only time the police would mount any form of crackdown is when someone complains about their activities to a well-connected politician. But once the politician pays them a round of drinks, they are back doing business as usual.

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