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Online and offline games are partial from each other there is no match for them, but the question is, which one is the most enjoyable game and adorable while playing? Judging online and offline games according to their features and advantages or disadvantages is the toughest job. But still, various kinds of people have already decided on their likes or dislikes about online and offline games.

Some prefer playing online games, and some prefer offline games. Both are equally exciting people since the internet came.

Online games are the games that need constant internet to play. An online game is a video game that is either partially or primarily played with the help of the internet. There is no chance to play online games without the internet. It always plays on cell phones with the smartest one otherwise, it will hang after playing for half an hour.

Youngsters are crazy about online games, and they can play twenty-four seven. It can be addictive among youngsters and can impact bad causes for them as well. That’s why elder people recommend playing offline games.

Offline games don’t need the internet or cell phone to play. It needs some equipment used in the specific games, such as a ball and bat, dice and boards, chessboard, papers, and many more. Also, some offline games can play on a cell phone that doesn’t need the internet constantly. These games need to be downloaded and processed by the internet on cell phones and play it offline.

Online and offline debates are easy to cover up. It lit up the stage while continuing to debate over it. But now we clarify you, what is better and what is not.

Online games

First-Person shooter Game (FPG)

 During the 1990s, online games started to move towards the modern games internet brings the doom concept of a deathmatch where multiple players battle each other head-to-head online. The first-person shooter game is one the most fantastic game ever that arranges battle or arena to play the game. People are crazy about this game since it has launched. It is a weapon-based game, and now it is available with a virtual reality concept.

Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Massively multiplayer online games made for the growth of broadband internet access. It allows a large number of hundreds or thousands of players to play this game at the same time. It is tough to create these games, but it is possible.

Battle Royale Game

Battle Royale Game is a video game where two players start battling, and the last surviving one is the victor. In this, players fight each other to kill one of the online not real.

These all games are not free players have to pay money while buying these games to play online. You can download them on your pc and play with internet access.

Advantages of online games

  • Easy access

  • Offering a lot of choices to play different types of game

  • Most online games are free, and it is cheap access

  • It suited for all the levels

  • Provide visual experience

Disadvantages of online games

  • Internet connection constantly

  • Lost personal touch with family, friends, and relatives

  • Get addicted to it easily

  • System requirements such as WI-FI, PC, and Smartphone

  • Affect eyesight

Offline games


It is the oldest game ever, and playing this game with family and friends is different happiness. Ludo game brings happiness and reduces stress. While playing this game, we only have a board where four blocks with different colors and the tokens are the same color when a player passes all four tokens after crossing each block will win the game.


Chess is a mind game where you need to think a lot to win. It is a board game played between two players, and if the king’s chess piece will survive till the game ends that player will win the chess game.


Suduko is several games that play offline. In the traditional era, this game draws on paper with one box with 9X9 grids and with 3X3 sub-grids. This game makes our brain sharp and increases our IQ level.

Advantages of offline games

  • No internet required

  • Sharpen brain

  • Improve physical and mental fitness

  • No lack of interaction with people

  • No eyesight will weak

Disadvantages of offline game

  • Fewer opportunities to choose various games

  • Less challenging

  • Cannot play everywhere and anytime

  • Limited user experience

  • Less interesting

Well both games have side effects, and both are genius, but you cannot earn money while playing these. That’s why Satta is one of the best games ever that provide an opportunity to win real cash. Play Satta King to enjoy money and make your physical and mental health fit.

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